I keep having these dreams.                                 

 So vivid.                                                  

So real.                                                   

I think I’m dying.                                         

Don’t tell anyone though.                                  

I don’t want to see sympathetic looks on their faces       

all day.                                                    

I’m not one to feel sorry for.                             

Though I would like to have some more time with my         


I don’t know.                                              

I had a dream.                                             

Several dreams actually.                                   

With a very beautiful woman.                               

I think she must have been a queen or something.           

She told me I was dying.                                    

I have no idea what’s going on.                            

But I’ve never had vivid dreams like that.                 

It must mean something.                                    


About two weeks ago.                                       


(TO THE AUDIENCE)                                               

Look at this child.
He is playing.  
He seems unaware of my presence.
But he is not.
Let me tell you about the child. 
His name is Kevin.
He seems happy doesn’t he?
His mother died four years ago.
Since then,
his grandfather took care of him, 
but his old age and sickness made this impossible.
Now he is here,
placed in my care by child support.
The ideal person to be part of my research.


You are the audience.
You are the observers of this play.
Think about it.
The unlimited position that you have as the observer.
Do you realize that everything that you look upon, be
it here, or anywhere else, is influenced by you?
You can will the outcome of this play.
You can make it into whatever you want.
So when you are watching this play, 
you are not just watching.

You are creating
You are influencing the research I am conducting.
You see, 
I am experimenting with desire.
Now, this is where it gets interesting. 
You see, 
The state of something is defined by it’s observer.
The observer pins it down, if you will.
If the state something is in is defined by the
the observer is creating their own reality. 

The child wants a mother.
But he still does not have one. 
He can never have one.
Not as long as the reaction to his surroundings is a 
static one.
That is to say:
He is observing what he has observed time and time
No mother.
He is observing no mother by default.