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Hot mess

Today was a hot day
Today was a day of fire
I woke up
My body damp of sweat
Or tears? It’s hard to tell
A shower
A long time dressing
Avoiding the news I don’t want to hear
It’s not news
Planes crash everyday

Today the world was set on fire
Burning in my flesh
My body damp of sweat
Sympathies as soundbites
Love and healing to the world

Sympathies as soundbites
I felt sick this morning
Why not yesterday?
Yesterday was just the same
Yesterday it was a long way away

Today the world was burning
My body damp with sweat
My head tired
Waiting for the war to start
Bitter anticipation of the end

I see films of apes with guns
Antropomorphism at its finest
Fighting for survival of the group
Not the race
And sympathies as soundbites

My deepest sympathies for you
Oh, and that thing in Gaza
Yeah, that’s awful too

Today was a hot day
Sweat on my skin
My brain is cooked
I know someone
who knows someone
who knows, you know
Someone dead

Someone’s dead
Names, and kids and wives and husbands
All of them do
Yesterday was just the same

Today the world was burning
The fire smells like shit
Names don’t matter
Clint Eastwood never had a name

Waiting for a verdict
I am so excited
I can hardly wait
Tell me all about
the ways we are destructing ourselves

Am I writing for a conclusion?
Am I writing to an end?
Or writing to write
to write long enough to not hear bombs falling on my head
Writing to eternal silence
To end this mess we’re in

A new suit

Death doesn’t suit you at all
It’s not like you to die
There’s only one hand that could hand me the hankerchief
I so desperately need
It’s so unlike you
To be in a coffin
I never thought I’d see the day
I’d tell you you look nice
But you would only smile and say
Fuck off.

I’ll just go for a walk
Let the rain break the clouds
Where it breaks the clouds
It breaks the light
Breaks the silence
Breaks my face
Death doesn’t suit you
It just doesn’t suit you at all


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